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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything else to look forward to?

See info about "Other / Community Prizes / Merch & 2nd series of Arrest Fauci Club NFTs" on our info landing page:

What determines which Fauci I get?

We use a fair and random generation system

How many Arrest Fauci Club NFTs are there?

There are a total of 3838 NFTs will be available for minting. Once all 3838 have been minted, no more will ever be created.

Because 38 units of the main collection will be held by team for airdrops and other uses. Any unsold NFTs will go back to the team.

How are the rarity traits determined?

Each Fauci NFT is created with a variety of rarity traits. We use generative processes to generate and distribute them across all NFTs. Every single Arrest Fauci NFT is unique.

They will be made available on the Solana blockchain.

Will there be Fauci Merch??

Yes! Stand by for more info!

Anthony Fauci is a so-called Scientist that basically caused the whole world to wear masks and is also trying to mask & vaxxinate the whole world through his illegal and immoral mandates. In fact, most of the world’s governments have also followed America’s (Fauci’s) guidelines and these mandates have caused a huge split between the citizens of the world, when actually we should come together to fight all of this medical tyranny. Fauci thinks our rights should come second to his mandates and we should do what he says with or without any choice. Mask Psychosis: NYT Confirms The Liberal Mask Cult Is Here to Stay Dr. Fauci declares Americans should 'give up' individual freedom 'for the greater good of society' Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath

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